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Major League Standings

Championship Game
Congratulations to Olyphant Turko's Tigers with a 4-3 win over Archbald Toz Law  


Major League Scores

 Scores Updated on 6/13/19

DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
4/20/20196:30 PMCarbino Nina's0Olyphant Turko's Tigers5
4/17/20196:30 PMArchbald Toz Law18Carbino Invenergy7
4/16/20196:30 PMThroop Fastenal8Throop Kalinoski Law15
4/15/20196:30 PMDickson City Vintage Gold & Coin3Archbald Yusavage Chiropractic5
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
4/18/20195:30 PMCarbino Invenergy5Throop Fastenal16
4/17/20196:30 PMOlyphant Turko's Tigers11Dickson City Vintage Gold & Coin2
4/18/20197:30 PMCarbino Nina's0Archbald Yusavage Chiropractic12
4/18/20196:30 PMThroop Kalinoski Law14Archbald Toz Law3
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
4/22/20196:30 PMArchbald Yusavage Chiropractic7Throop Kalinoski Law20
4/22/20196:30 PMCarbino Nina's4Carbino Invenergy10
4/22/20196:30 PMThroop Fastenal11Dickson City Vintage Gold & Coin0
4/22/20196:30 PMOlyphant Turko's Tigers7Archbald Toz Law6
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
4/25/20196:30 PMThroop Fastenal5Archbald Toz Law1
4/25/20197:30 PMCarbino Invenergy3Throop Kalinoski Law8
4/25/20196:30 PMArchbald Yusavage Chiropractic10Olyphant Turko's Tigers7
4/25/20195:30 PMCarbino Nina's7Dickson City Vintage Gold & Coin8
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
4/29/20196:30 PMArchbald Toz Law7Archbald Yusavage Chiropractic4
4/29/20195:30 PMCarbino Invenergy1Olyphant Turko's Tigers9
4/29/20197:30 PMCarbino Nina's1Throop Fastenal13
4/29/20196:30 PMThroop Kalinoski Law14Dickson City Vintage Gold & Coin10
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
5/2/20197:30 PMThroop Kalinoski Law4Olyphant Turko's Tigers5
5/2/20195:30 PMThroop Fastenal1Archbald Yusavage Chiropractic7
5/2/20196:30 PMCarbino Nina's7Archbald Toz Law11
5/2/20196:30 PMDickson City Vintage Gold & Coin2Carbino Invenergy9
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
5/6/20196:30 PMArchbald Yusavage Chiropractic8Carbino Invenergy5
5/6/20196:30 PMCarbino Nina's7Throop Kalinoski Law16
5/6/20196:30 PMDickson City Vintage Gold & Coin1Archbald Toz Law13
5/6/20196:30 PMOlyphant Turko's Tigers8Throop Fastenal3
Start of Second Half
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
5/16/20196:30 PMThroop Fastenal2Carbino Invenergy1
5/16/20196:30 PMDickson City Vintage Gold & Coin2Olyphant Turko's Tigers23
5/16/20195:30 PMArchbald Yusavage Chiropractic12Carbino Nina's20
5/16/20197:30 PMArchbald Toz Law4Throop Kalinoski Law2
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
5/20/20196:30 PMOlyphant Turko's Tigers20Carbino Nina's2
5/20/20196:30 PMCarbino Invenergy5Archbald Toz Law0
5/22/20196:30 PMThroop Kalinoski Law10Throop Fastenal9
5/20/20196:30 PMArchbald Yusavage Chiropractic19Dickson City Vintage Gold & Coin15
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
5/31/20196:30 PMThroop Kalinoski Law9Archbald Yusavage Chiropractic8
5/23/20196:30 PMCarbino Invenergy19Carbino Nina's9
6/8/20191:00 PMDickson City Vintage Gold & Coin3Throop Fastenal7
5/23/20196:30 PMArchbald Toz Law7Olyphant Turko's Tigers1
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
5/27/20196:30 PMArchbald Toz Law6Throop Fastenal4
5/27/20196:30 PMThroop Kalinoski Law4Carbino Invenergy1
6/4/20196:30 PMOlyphant Turko's Tigers30Archbald Yusavage Chiropractic0
5/27/20196:30 PMDickson City Vintage Gold & Coin5Carbino Nina's8
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
5/30/20196:30 PMArchbald Yusavage Chiropractic2Archbald Toz Law13
5/30/20196:30 PMOlyphant Turko's Tigers3Carbino Invenergy2
6/13/20196:30 PMThroop Fastenal6Carbino Nina's0
5/30/20196:30 PMDickson City Vintage Gold & CoinThroop Kalinoski Law
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
6/3/20196:30 PMOlyphant Turko's Tigers8Throop Kalinoski Law3
6/3/20195:30 PMArchbald Yusavage Chiropractic5Throop Fastenal16
6/3/20197:30 PMArchbald Toz Law8Carbino Nina's0
6/3/20196:30 PMCarbino Invenergy8Dickson City Vintage Gold & Coin1
DateTimeHome TeamRunsAway TeamRuns
6/6/20196:30 PMCarbino Invenergy8Archbald Yusavage Chiropractic19
6/6/20195:30 PMThroop Kalinoski Law22Carbino Nina's3
6/6/20196:30 PMArchbald Toz Law6Dickson City Vintage Gold & Coin4
6/6/20197:30 PMThroop Fastenal1Olyphant Turko's Tigers5

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