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Umpires - Little League

The third team on the field at every Little League game.

Looking to become a Little League Umpire?  Umpires are particularly important, as they help ensure that players and coaches abide by the rules during games.

What Does a Little League Umpire Do?

Umpires officiate baseball games, and are responsible for observing game play, enforcing game rules, and, when necessary, making judgment calls regarding the actions of players and coaches. Umpire duties include:

  • Enforcing game rules during play. 
  • Inspecting equipment and, if necessary, assessing players to ensure fitness for use or participation.
  • Regulating when game play should start or stop.
  • Listen to and resolve complaints by coaches or players.
  • Setting and enforcing penalties.

Little League Umpire Skill Set

Working as a Little League umpire requires a unique set of skills and personality characteristics. While it is easy for outsiders to think of Little League as just a bunch of kids playing baseball or softball, the reality is that youth sports can be highly competitive. In addition, because Little League is community-based, umpires must be able to manage relationships with neighbors and friends who may also be parents of players or coaches.

Anyone considering becoming an umpire should perform a self-assessment and consider whether they possess the following qualities:

  • A deep love of baseball and a strong understanding of its rules.
  • A willingness to learn Little League regulations and keep up-to-date on new policies.
  • Time flexibility that allows for taking time off to attend clinics, training's and games.
  • The ability to pay attention to game play.
  • The ability to make judgments about player and coach behavior and render a decision quickly on the field.
  • The ability to keep one's cool when faced with angry coaches, players or parents.
  • The physical ability to move around the field as necessary.
If interested in becoming an umpire for the Mid Valley Little League, please contact Frank Galli at [email protected] 

For more information go to or for training information go to
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